3D Mind & Other Video Clips


The Conscious interacting

with the Unconscious

Fading Memory of

a Studio Visit

3D Imagination:

Artistic Terrain

3D Imagination:

Artistic Terrain 2

Fading 3D memories of

an evening

with artist friends

3d Memory: Trying to

Remember Rembrandt

More Coming Soon

3D Cell in Motion

3D Cell in Motion 2

3D Memory:

Moving to the Past

3D Pulsating Anxiety

3D Anxiety: Cultural and Religious

3D Cosmic Memory

3D Memory in a House

Cellular Meeting

the Cosmic World

Fleeting and Fading Memories

3D Mind: Conscious and Unconscious

3D Mind: Thoughts and Intuitions

Watching the News: 3D Memory

3D Liquid Memory

Breathing Garden  1

Breathing Garden  2

3D Photo-ameba

3D Photo-ray : Image Creatures

Indian Miniature Nightmare: 3D Memory

Dancing  3D Memory

Magic  Memory 3D

3D memory: Sunset

Cyber Attack

Living with Art:

SocioArt Project

Morphing Travel

Photofly: 4D  Memory

Gemstone from Kansas:

4D Imagination

Fleeting Memory 4D

Water Droplet Memory:

4D Memory

Two Thoughts Merging:

4D Thoughts

The Flower Vase: Water Within

Sky Water: Water Memories 4D

World Population and a Water Droplet

Refracted 4D Photomotion : Religon, Genocide and Syria

Courtesy: Reuters

Shopping Craze:

4D Photomation

Memory Bubbles: 4D Photomation of an image